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On The Border With Russia: Avtodozor Helps Ukrainian Army

Ukrainian army withdrew its forces to the outskirts of Kramatorsk

The Ukrainian army reportedly withdrew its forces to the outskirts of protester-held Kramatorsk, following an offensive that left ...


Revival of the Ukrainian Urmy!

Operation 'Polite People' in Crimea: Video Reports of Russian Invaders from Crimea

This video was taken by the Russian attackers themselves. It gives an overview on the past events that happened in Crimea and ...

Russia calls for investigation into role of snipers in Ukraine riots

Russia requested the United Nations to investigate the role played by snipers in the unrest that led to the seizure of power by force ...

People and Power: Ukraine - A Dangerous Game (by Al Jazeera)

Journalists of Al Jazeera in search for truth talked to the representatives of pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian camps. They also ...

Ukrainian "Citizen K" Tells About How Russia Recruits People

GRU GSH VS RF (General HQ of the Military Forces Main Intelligence Directorate of Russian Federation) started a recruiting ...

Ukraine Scrambles to Rebuild Neglected Military

As Russia began its invasion of Crimea last month, Ukraine's fledgling government turned to its armed forces to bolster security.

Ukraine: Armed police check every vehicle entering Lugansk

Video ID 20140415 033 W/S Passing traffic W/S Police patrolling W/S Police conducting checks M/S Police conducting checks ...

Ukraine crisis unidentified gunmen seen inside Crimea army base

Украина ウクライナ情勢 Ukraine tense.